Why A Web Based Reporting System?

Kevin Bett Jul 2013

We discuss the reasons behind choosing the web as the medium for our NDT reporting software and take a look at some of the benefits and limitations.

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Most NDT reporting systems are disk based, existing either on a single computer terminal or on a Local Area Network (LAN) housed within a office or workshop.

There was nothing wrong with is in the past, however today, clients want to know the results of the NDT inspections that they are paying for quickly. They expect to be emailed the report in a format which is readily usable to either archive, print or forward by email to the relevant parties.

We wanted a system that would allow all users simultaneous access and provide real time updates. So the instant a report was created on one machine, it would be immediately available for review on all machines. Having the ability for service provider employees to access the reporting system anywhere has really opened up the traditional model. Now users can create reports:

We wanted a system that our customers could use to give access to their clients. This is an essential feature of a modern reporting system.

We wanted a system where users had a shallow learning curve. We knew that our users would have differing computer literacy so we needed an easy-to-use and familiar interface.

Our system should also have email integration so that less time is wasted needlessly converting the report format and then importing into an external email client.

Our system should also support image uploading and manipulation to compliment the written descriptions. Basic text formatting should also be supported.

Building a web based system seemed like the only viable route for us. It ticked all the boxes and had many significant benefits with only minor drawbacks. The web is becoming more and more powerful and accessible and most people are very familiar with how to manipulate web interfaces.

There could be a time when there was no Internet access and of course our system would not work. Internet access however is becoming like power itself, in the modern working environment, it’s very much expected.

If you’re looking for complete cloud based NDT reporting solution which has email integration as standard and can help you streamline and improve your reporting processes, consider getting in touch for a free no obligation consultation.

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