We answer the most common questions we hear about our reporting software.

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Where is the NDT reporting system stored?
The systems are stored in the cloud, which typically will be completely off-site, and stored in a secure data centre either in Europe or USA. The application is hosted on a Private Virtual Server (VPS) which exists to host your reporting system only. This means that your company data is completely secure and isolated and you have full access but you don't have to maintain any expensive hardware.
How do we access the reporting system?
You only need a modern web browser and a reliable internet connection to access your reporting system. Any modern computer or mobile device can be used to generate and manage NDT reports.
Is the system secure?
We use a number of security features. SSL means that all data sent between the server and any users is always encrypted. We have username & password authentication to make sure only authorised people get access to the reporting platform. We can configure passwords to automatically expire after a set time period. Access to the server is strictly controlled and managed using SSH key pairs.
What about data backups?
Your data and personal information is secure and backed up twice daily. The application is built to the latest web standards using best practices. The complete server environment is also backed up daily.
How do we control who has access?
We build a user authentication and authorisation system that allows you to control who has access. You can activate, promote, demote and de-activate users. We build different levels of user so you can appoint special admin users who have more privileges than normal users. You can invite your customers too.
We have very specific requirements can you accommodate them?
Yes, each of our systems is custom made, we understand that every NDT company requires different features in a reporting system, we work with you to build you a system that is tailored just for your company, with all the functionality that you need and none of the features that you don't.
What are the fees?
Typically we offer a monthly subscription service. This fee includes our support and maintenance service. The more NDT methods that you require, the more you will pay to have them included in the reporting platform. It's not possible to calculate pricing details until we have a clear understanding of your specific requirements.
Who owns the data?
You as the customer will always own 100% of the data and reports that are created using any of our NDT reporting software. On request all your data will be returned to you either in PDF or SQL format.
What would happen in a emergency?
We have disaster recovery procedures in place to ensure that our business and the service we offer to our customers can continue in the event of any emergency situation.
What if we decide to cancel our service?
All data would be returned to you in the form of PDF versions of the reports and the entire database in SQL format so that you could re-instate the database on another system.
Will our reporting system work if we don't have internet?
For normal and full operation no, however we do have a limited offline functionality where simple report creation and editing task can be carried out. This allows technicians to create reports when they maybe in an area with limited connectivity. The data is stored on their local device until an internet connection is made.
What about updates?
As part of our support service we will fix any bugs and carry out minor improvements. We have multiple pricing plans to include business of different sizes and scales.
How do our customers get access?
You can choose to invite as many of your customers as you wish, just enter their email address and the system will send them an invite. They will create their own password and then they will login just like any user.
What is the history of the product?
Agile NDT was founded and developed in 2011 by Kevin Bett a NDT technician with over 20 years experience as a PCN operator.
If we give our clients access, can they see all reports on the system?
No, they can only see their company's reports. They can view, download and print reports for their company only.
Do you have a phone number?
Sure, you can call us on 01224 467 111 from the UK or +441224-467-111 from abroad.
Who are you guys?
Agile NDT is supported by a small but dedicated team of web professionals:
  • Kevin Bett - Founder, CEO, CTO, Level 3 NDT
  • Rahul Gupta - COO, Business Development
  • Alastair Brunton - VP Engineering, Senior Software Developer
  • Sofia Asistores - Marketing Manager, Admin
  • Joedan Chacon - Designer
  • Cyrille Labesse - Senior Software Developer
  • Lovely Callejo- Customer Support, Admin
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