AgileNDT Elevates Standards as Chosen Supplier for Blue Origin’s NDT Reporting Software

Kevin Bett March 2024

New Glenn’s first and second stages in process at Blue Origin’s orbital launch vehicle factory at Cape Canaveral, FL. (June 12, 2023)

Blue Origin is an American aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company founded in 2000 by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. With a vision to build a future where millions of people live and work in space to benefit Earth, Blue Origin is committed to developing the necessary technologies to enable private human access to space at lower costs and with increased reliability.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both AgileNDT and Blue Origin, showcasing a commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology in the aerospace sector. As Blue Origin continues to push the boundaries of space exploration, the need for robust and reliable NDT processes becomes paramount.

AgileNDT’s state-of-the-art NDT reporting software brings a new level of efficiency and precision to Blue Origin’s reporting workflows. The software is designed to streamline the reporting process, enhance data accuracy, and accelerate decision-making, ultimately contributing to the overall safety and reliability of Blue Origin’s aerospace endeavours.

“We are honoured to be chosen as the NDT reporting software supplier for Blue Origin,” said Kevin Bett, CEO of AgileNDT. “This partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the rigorous standards of the aerospace industry. We look forward to supporting Blue Origin in their mission to explore new frontiers.”

AgileNDT’s software empowers Blue Origin’s technicians with real-time data insights, facilitating quicker and more informed decisions during the NDT reporting process. The software’s user-friendly interface, coupled with advanced analytics, ensures a seamless experience for Blue Origin’s NDT teams.

As a company dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, AgileNDT remains at the forefront of technological advancements in NDT. This collaboration with Blue Origin underscores the industry’s recognition of AgileNDT’s capabilities and its ability to provide solutions that meet the evolving needs of the aerospace sector. With a focus on innovation, precision, and reliability, AgileNDT continues to set the standard for NDT reporting excellence.

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