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We help service providers modernize and enhance their NDT reporting with custom web based solutions stored in the cloud.

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Since 2011, we've worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to create the most powerful and easy to use NDT reporting software available. Companies rely on and have built their entire buinesses around our solutions, with over 1,000,000 NDT reports created, you can too.

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"This product is built by NDT professionals who know and understand how ineffective and inefficient reporting systems can erode the bottom line. By providing a cloud based application tool which is easily accessible and simple to use, service providers can benefit from their investment in Agile NDT by streamlining their business processes."

Irvine Gilbert Manager at Specialist NDT

Totally Bespoke

We take your existing report forms - or your vision for your ideal report configuration - and build a digital version which is integrated into a custom built cloud-based application. A bespoke solution with the exact features you need and none of the ones you don't.

Simple & Easy

Onboarding is simple, you don't need to configure anything. You give us your report templates and we create & configure everything from report design, custom workflows, user permissions, and more.

Client Portal

You customers can be invited to their own web portal dashbord where they can view and download their company reports, search through archives of historical reports, and even request new work.

"The world of NDT is changing quickly now and it is fortunate that people from our industry are stepping up to provide effective tools for our unique industry demands. The ability to get customized reports for your clients with the added benefit of your technicians all producing the same consistent and comprehensive reporting is now easy and highly effective. Clients having access to the reports and enabled to manage release of the reports makes this a very powerful resource for companies of any size. Now is the time to migrate to faster turnaround on your inspection reporting so clients can finally get results quickly and consistently."

Robert Ginzel Researcher and President at Ginzel Associates

Report Validation

QR code images are embedded into all reports created, allowing certain attributes to be validated against known values. This acts as another security layer to ensure the report is genuine and has not been tampered with. This is an essential feature for quality control.

Revision History

The revision history feature allows you to see all changes made to a report, and who made them. This is useful for quality control and auditing purposes, and can be used to track changes made by your employees.

User Permissions

The user permissions feature allows you to control what your employees can and cannot do. You can restrict access to certain features, and you can also restrict access to certain reports. This is useful for quality control and auditing purposes.

"It's an excellent system that can really streamline the reporting process. It's easy to use with no formal training and it's clear that the guys who built this knows how the NDT industry works. Giving the end client access makes the delivery of reports so much easier and reduces the number of lost reports."

Ian Brittan PCN UT Level 3 at SGS

Unlimited Changes

We work with you to create the perfect report configuration. We understand that your requirements may change over time, so we offer unlimited changes to your report system.

Email Integration

Distribute within seconds of report creation to steakholders, clients and colleagues. Configure notifications of key events in the report lifecycle to keep everyone in the loop of significant changes.

Bolt Ons

NDT work requests, billing, DROPS, and more. We can add any feature you need to your report system. We can even integrate with your existing systems.

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Since 2011 we've been building cloud based reporting software for the NDT industry.

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