NDT report delivery by email

Kevin Bett Nov 2016

Email is an essential part of all our lives but often this important business tool is forgotten when it comes to NDT reporting systems.

Watch my quick presentation as I show you how easy it is to email an NDT report to your customer with the Agile NDT Reporting Software. It makes sense to me that the way we typically deliver reports should be built into the way that we create the reports. This saves time and effort and reduces the chance for errors and missing reports.

Agile NDT Reports can streamline the reporting process by not only creating a platform to create and manage NDT report but to also deliver them to your customers. Only by selecting a check box can you choose which report to be emailed. You can also select multiple reports to be emailed at the same time.

We use an ‘email basket’ where the user can preview the reports, edit a predefined email message body, choose recipients and send the reports.

Recipients are smartly populated, so lets say that you have a customer ‘NASA Johnson Space Center’ and you have just selected 2 reports to be emailed. The email basket knows that the 2 reports belong to NASA Johnson Space Center so only saved client emails that belong to that company will be displayed in a drop down for you to select the recipient from.

Reports are send as a PDF attachment which can be viewed and manipulated like any other PDF file. Multiple reports are simply sent as multiple attachments.

If you’re looking for complete cloud based NDT reporting solution which has email integration as standard and can help you streamline and improve your reporting processes, consider getting in touch for a free no obligation consultation.

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