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Kevin Bett Aug 2013

We explain the reasoning behind our killer feature that allows the clients of NDT service providers access to the reporting system so that as soon as their NDT reports have been created by the technician they can be viewed regardless of location.

agile ndt client interface

Clients of NDT service providers are forever asking for better integration and transparency when it comes to reporting. Most of the time the only evidence of an NDT inspection is the report, that is what the client is paying for. Any progressive NDT service provider should be working at getting their reports to their customers faster, with less errors and in the most convenient format.

Giving your clients direct access to the reporting system is beneficial in many ways:

With Agile NDT Reports our customers can invite individual employees of their clients to the system. Giving them the ability to login anytime and read, print or download any NDT reports that belong to their company.

agile ndt client interface features

The clients of our customers have come to expect this level of service, it gives them more control and they feel much more integration. Often there is a disconnect between NDT service providers and the end clients. We feel that this approach goes some way to lessen that.

Our clients specific interface allows them to view all their company reports in a paginated list. Reports can be searched for via a powerful search function and reports can be viewed by specific work order number. Of course, clients have only access to their own company reports and can only view / download / print reports, they cannot edit any parts.

agile ndt client interface detail

If you’re looking for complete cloud based NDT reporting solution which has email integration as standard and can help you streamline and improve your reporting processes, consider getting in touch for a free no obligation consultation.

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