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Custom Report Layouts
You give us your report layouts and we build them into the software.
Multiple Sites
You can manage multiple sites and categorise reports by worksite or workshop location.
Username & Password Authentication
Each user is authenticated before they can access the software by a email and password combination.
Account Management
Each user can manage their account settings.
Password Change
Each user can change their password when ever they wish.
Digital Signatures
Each user can upload an image of their signature to be inserted into reports they have created.
Multiple Languages
Each user can choose from a list of pre-defined languages to view reports in.
Color Coded Graphs
See different report metrics in color coded graphs.
A list of your recent reports
On the dashboard see a list of your most recent reports.
A list of recent reports created by everyone
On the dashboard see a list of reports created by every member of the company.
Shortcut Links
On every page the sidebar contains a series of shortcut links to other parts of the application.
A list of most popular PO numbers
See a list of most used PO numbers to qucikly navigate to the most used POs.
A list of most popular clients
See a list of most clients to quickly see all their reports.
Color coded report methods
Each report method has a color which is used throughout the application to make it quick and easy to find reports from a specific method.
Email is built into the application so there is no need to export reports before delivering them to a customer.
Default Email Message
Default email message means it is fast to deliver report without filling in the same email body content each time.
Send email copy to yourself
Send a email to yourself for verification and archiving.
Customer Email Select
When you email a report to a particular client all the email addresses for that client will appear in the email addresses dropdown so that it is super fast to select the required emails
Customer Email Attachments
When emailing a report it is automatically attached as a PDF.
Email Multiple Reports
You can email multiple reports at the same time to a specific customer.
Email Multiple Reports
You can email multiple reports at the same time to a specific customer.
Email Reports To Anyone
Email reports to both customers and anyone by entering manually any email address.
Editing Reports
Once a report has been created, the user who created it can edit it as many times as needed.
Deleting Reports
A report can be deleted from the system.
Restoring Deleted Reports
Reports can be restored even if they have been deleted. This is a great feature to prevent accidental deletion.
PDF Generation
Reports can be viewed in PDF format. Then they can be saved or printed out.
CSV Generation
Reports can be exported and viewed in CSV format. Then they can be saved or printed out.
Offline Mode
Limited feature set when users don't have an internet connection. Save reports to local device storage and then sync with server when back online.
QR Code Validation Images
Reports can be validated by automatically inserted QR codes that when scanned validate the report is genuine. This is a great way to prevent fraud.
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