NDT Reporting is just the start

For us, NDT reporting is just the start, we have other great modules that can be added to the core features of our reporting platform to enhance and make your NDT business more profitable.

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NDT Work Request

Our work request system product allows you to quickly create an official request document that can then be assigned to one or a number of different inspection technicians. This can be either printed out into hardcopy so the technician can take it with them to the inspection site or remain in digital format and can be viewed on any digital device such as a tablet or cell phone. The request document is then used as an aide in creating the NDT report.

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Procedure Management

Maintaining all your procedures can be difficult, each one must be regularly updated and it's essential to make all team members aware of any updates. This can become a nightmare when dealing with paper documents and traditional procedure systems. Our procedure management system gives you more control over your companies vital procedures and makes it easy to manage updates and customer / inspection authority reviews.

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Time Tracking & Billing

Track billable hours and consumables. We've created an NDT specific billing management system that allows service providers to seamlessly manage all billing processes that can linked to reports or projects. This includes automated invoicing, invoice exports, customer specific hourly rates, equipment hire rates, consumables.

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Inventory Management

Having an up to date inventory of all your company equipment is an essential part of running an effective NDT business. Not only do you need to know what equipment you have but also what is damaged or needs repair or servicing. We know that NDT equipment can be expensive.

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Incident Tracking

Track all incidents with our incident tracking systems. Easily record all injurys, near misses and incidents to make your work place safer. Maintain accurate records to prove that your company takes a pro-active approach to health and safety. Via an intuitive web based interface your technicians can easily create descriptive media rich incident reports that can be approved and then assigned to the relevant personnel within your organisation for corrective actions

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