How we made one of our clients 300% more productive

Kevin Bett Jan 2014

We explain how, since implementing our reporting system, one of our clients was able to reduce the time a typical technician spends on creating and sending an NDT report.

Agile NDT helped improve productivity 300%

Before we build a reporting system we like to find out the existing work-flow of our client so we can effectively improve on it. During the research that we carried out with one of our clients we discovered that a lot of time was being wasted in the conversion between media types.

For example, they had an existing database which allowed the creation and basic management of reports. Once the report details were entered they would print out the report so that it could be stamped and signed by the operator. Then they would scan the report back into a digital format so that it could be emailed.

Not such a major problem you might think but consider that they had only one shared printer and scanner which was located at the end of a long corridor in the next part of the building to where most of the operators sat. So every time a report was being processed they would walk from their office to the printer, pick-up the report, walk back to their desk, sign and stamp the document, walk back to the scanner, scan the report, walk back to their seat and then send the email with attached report to the client. We timed this process and found out that it took about 3 minutes from when the report was finished to being emailed. This is a company who produces over 30,000 NDT reports each year.

We saw that by having the email process built into the reporting system we could streamline the work-flow and make what had been convoluted and awkward, a seamless process.

agile ndt email basket feature

So we created an email basket system which allows users to add multiple reports and email them to multiple recipients. The email text can be customized and email recipient addresses are automatically populated depending on the client of the report selected.

The next part of the process to eliminate the wasted time during media conversion was to add digital signatures and stamps. So when a user creates a report an image of their signature is automatically added and next to it a digital version of an approval stamp.

agile ndt digital email feature

This has lead to a reduction in the time it takes to send reports to clients by over 300%. Now users don’t need to leave their desk to complete the report work-flow process and have more time to focus on other more important tasks.

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