10 Reasons Why You Need a NDT Reporting System

Kevin Bett Sep 2016

In this non specific slide show presentation, Kevin Bett discusses the major reasons why any NDT service provider should consider a centralised reporting system.

Learn how you can increase your client base, improve your local procedures and streamline your reporting workflow. A 7 minute impartial presentation on the reasons why you should have a centralised reporting system for your NDT business.

We can often forget that NDT reports are legal documents and we should treat them as such. As the owner of a service provider company you should do all you can to ensure that the reports created by your employees as valid and represent accurately a description of the inspection.

We should use a system that allows for an easy approval process so that management can maintain control of reporting standards.

We must also store reports in a secure location for at least 5 years with a mechanism to retrieve them on demand.

Having a centralised system also makes it possible to find and re-issue lost reports to customers when required.

The consistency of design and layouts of reports is also essential to maintaining a solid quality management system. Having reports distributed in an uneven and un-structured manner can lead to deviations of layout and an irregular reporting experience.

Access control is also essential for quality management. You don’t want to expose your reporting procedures to unauthorised personnel. A centralised reporting platform is the only viable way to keep control over who can see your sensitive reporting data.

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