Our Story

Agile NDT was founded by Kevin Bett, a multi disciplined NDT inspector with over 16 years experience in a variety of different sectors. Starting his NDT career in 2001, Kevin has worked for many different service providers in a variety of different sectors including; power generation, offshore oil & gas, marine, construction and manufacturing.

Becoming frustrated at the lack of good quality NDT reporting systems in the modern web age, he decided to build his own and started out sketching and testing different ideas in mid 2011. Working for a well known service provider in Norway, Kevin was able to test and develop his ideas and present to various companies. November 2011 saw his first contract to develop a NDT reporting and management system and Agile NDT was born. kevin@agilendt.com

Development started in November 2011 and was first deployed to customers early in 2012. Since then we have grown to a small team of software professionals. We have customers in over 5 different countries.


Agile NDT was created to provide cloud based software to the NDT industry with its core mission to improve and elevate reporting processes to streamline, promote collaboration, reduce errors and ultimately increase sales.

We build and maintain custom web based reporting software for NDT service providers. We build web based reporting systems. We understand that every NDT company has different requirements in their reporting system so we don't offer a single product, we have a base that we customise for each of our customers.

Typically we will build a reporting system that is completely off-site, stored in a secure data centre either in Europe or USA. The application is hosted on a Private Virtual Server (VPS) which exists to host your reporting system only. This means that your company data is completely secure, you have full access but you don't have to maintain any expensive hardware. You only need a modern web browser and a reliable internet connection to access your reporting system. Any modern computer or mobile device can be used to generate and manage NDT reports.


We take ownership of and are passionate about delivering quality in our NDT reporting products. Our quality management system involves all stakeholders; employees, customers, contractors and suppliers. We use the latest software frameworks built with the best industry standard practises and procedures to create solid, well tested, great looking and functional web applications.

We adopt the agile software development methodology which requires a strong customer feedback loop. We work in short weekly sprints that always end with deliverable features which are presented to our customers and iterated upon.

We use tools such as automated unit, functional and integration testing to help us deliver bug free source code. Automated testing helps us gain confidence in the code we are producing, especially when we add new features to the existing code base. Another tool we use to improve and maintain quality is 3rd party code reviews. We hire expert contractors to critically review our code and suggest improvements where needed.


Security is an integral part of all our products, we are privileged to have the task of creating web products that enhance the productivity and ultimately having positive financial impacts for our customers therefore we take security of our software products as paramount.

As a foundation we use industry standard email & password authentication to prevent un-authorised access. We can add 2 factor authentication to that using SMS or third party authenticator services. We use data encryption techniques such as https which improves confidentiality, integrity and identity. Our servers are built and maintained with the industry standard best practice features such as firewalls, ssh and DDoS protection.

Cloud based data storage is revolutionising our businesses but comes with its own challenges that must be addressed. We at Agile NDT have been at the forefront of bringing cloud based solutions to the NDT industry.

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Since 2011 we've been building cloud based reporting software for the NDT industry.

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